About Spak

About Spak PAPER

In this digital age of virtual reality, the paper remains a trusted medium for communicating information and stimulating creative ideas. The look, feel and even smell of the paper help to reinforce the retention of key messages and are unmatched for communication. Right from the A4 paper is mostly use in our offices to packaging boards and countless other uses, the paper is an integral part of daily life.

SPAK, is a leading manufacturer of recycled Kraft papers and boards, established in 2007 by young techno-savvy entrepreneurs, with spread of 30,000 sq ft production unit. SPAK produces a wide spectrum of Recycled papers ranging from Kraft paper, Eco friendly Copier Paper, Eco Friendly Notebooks and Dining Rolls.

We at SPAK offer high quality, on time solutions for all Packaging needs of various industries such as food, medical, machine, component, fertilizer, tea etc.,


To become a Global leader in Recycled Kraft papers and packaging industry by adopting new technologies and delivering quality products at competitive prices.


Assured Quality, progressive reduction of the use of natural resources such as raw materials, water, fuel, and power. Effective conservation of resources and building Environment Management System through Re-use and Recycle.